Friday, April 12, 2013

Countdown to another Milestone

In 10 days time, my cheeky moneys are going to be TWO! Yes, as cliché as it reads, time does fly. I am also reminded that I am getting older. In fact, Jared and I no longer sport that youthful glow as we continue to keep up with their developmental antics that makes us proud as punch, laugh out loud and tear our hair out (I don't know how Jared does that but I can tear enough to make it up for the both of us!).
From their miraculous conception, almost smooth pregnancy, straight forward births, overwhelming euphoria of happiness-gratefulness-appreciation, daunting aspect of being thrust with two infants at the one time, often brutal-intensive nurturing in the early months, heart-breaking implementation of controlled crying, excitement of weaning them, etc....I could go on and on as you can imagine.
For now, I reflect on the photos past and present - marvel that our marriage remains in tact despite the stressors of being working parents and managing the household ourselves, marvel at our thriving children who continue to keep us on our toes and look forward to celebrating this milestone in 10 days time.

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