Sunday, April 21, 2013

Date Night for the Working Parents

We enjoy going on dates every few months. It's great for our marriage and great for our emotional & mental well-being! This particular one was made even more special because it was my actual 35th Birthday and our children's actual birthday follows two days later so it was certainly double celebrations.
Jared planned this date and chose Sono for our dinning pleasure. It was the perfect choice. We love Sono for their exquisite food, impeccable service and it is close to home.
We left the twins at home under the care of our nanny and knew they were in superb care. With that in mind, we had a most wonderful 2 hours of dinning, conversations and relaxation.
The menu at Sono though extensive is very well laid out and explained. Every single page is mouth watering!
We commenced with a "Starter" of Sashimi from 6 different types of fish - oh my, it melted on our tongues - so fresh and oh so delicious. Then we moved onto an "Appetizer Platter" for each of us - yup, it was heaven! As for main, we chose a Shabu Shabu Hot Pot for two and the marbled wagyu was mind-blowingly exquisite! The three courses we had so far was well-balanced, well-seasoned and fresh so....we went for a fourth course, DESSERTS! Oh my....
We left great leaving the restaurant. Not overly stuffed. In fact, we felt well-balanced in more ways than one.
It was a perfect date and made even more perfect as our children slept through the night from 6:30pm - 6:00am.
Happy Birthday to me and a very Happy Marriage to us!

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