Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2012 vs Easter 2013

We are enjoying a most splendid 4 day long, Easter Weekend and have done so much. I will blog about them in the coming days. 

The one aspect that has had a profound impact on me, no prize for the correct guess, is my children. I know they have grown {heaps} in the last 12 months and I must be suffering from some form of myopia because I did not see it until I compared their photos from Easter 2012 and the one that just took place yesterday.

Here they are in 2012. All of 11 months without any teeth and not walking. Easter then was a very quiet affair for us. Just the four of us and the twins had their first taste of chocolate {only a very small morsel. Yes, I am a mean mummy}.

Now, let's fast forward to yesterday. All of 23 months with most of their teeth and they are running + jumping {yes, they love the trampoline}. Easter was not a quiet affair at all. In fact, it involved our lovely neighbourly friends and their children. Yes, the twins had their second taste of chocolate {this time, 2 mini chocolate eggs each and that's it. Yes, I am still a mean mummy}.

Times flies and thank goodness for the convenience of digital camera.

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