Friday, April 5, 2013

Enjoying the Autumn Sun

I finished work earlier yesterday and instead of enjoying my peaceful home, decided to pick Charlotte and Daniel up an hour earlier from child care. That was a great decision.

They were both in high spirits and over-the-moon delighted to see me. Charlotte who has been very clingy of late, clung onto me and kept rubbing her face against my body. Daniel retrieved his shoes, kept calling me "mummy, mummy, mummy..." and sat in front at my feet beckoning me to assist him with putting his shoes on. That's my cue to get them out of child care as quickly as possible. Their teacher, ever observant, stood by my side. When Charlotte and Daniel were both ready with shoes on, she took Daniel's hand while I took Charlotte's and proceeded to the car park.

As we drove down our street, our neighbours' children were on the street having a jolly good time. Perfect. They are also very doting on Charlotte and Daniel hence it was no surprise that they followed my car into the garage, undid the buckles of their car seats  when my car stopped and gave my children the warmest of cuddles and kisses. Pretty heart-warming stuff.

Hence we spent the next 2 hours on my front lawn, on their front lawn and on the street. It's such a delight to watch my children play with older children and for the older children to be so doting and kind to mind. Just wonderful.

I love spending time with my children outdoors especially when the weather was as gorgeous as yesterday. Let's hope this nice weather continues so that we can continue to make memories of Charlotte and Daniel's toddler hood - filled with play, laughter, exploration and cuddles!

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