Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's time for a separation (Day Nap)

Mirror Effect on Charlotte 
A pattern started emerging 6 weeks ago during their day nap. Charlotte would wake up screaming after 40 - 60 mins of sleep and struggles to self-settle. 
Their day naps can last anywhere between 1.5 hours - 3 hours and I will rush into their room - grab Charlotte as quickly as humanly possible before she wakes her brother with her LOUD screaming- bring her back to our room in a bid to calm her down or to put her down on our bed. Sometimes he wakes up from the ruckus and that's it, I end up with two very grumpy toddlers and let me assure you it is not fun.
Imagine ONE screaming toddler. Now, imagine TWO screaming toddlers. Both climbing onto mummy. One twin pushes the other one off. LOUDER screaming-crying-pushing ensues. You get the picture. Very stressful and distressing for all involved.
It's easy enough to put them both into their respective cots for their nap and they drift off very peacefully. What's uneasy and unsettling is the fact that I would be looking at the clock in anticipation for what is to come. That means, no rest for mummy. However, when I bring Charlotte into our room and lay her on the bed next to me (no patting, no cuddling, etc.), she will be asleep within 5-10 minutes. That is also the time I finally get to rest and inevitably, fall asleep and get good quality rest. The other good outcomes from this arrangement? I no longer watch the clock waiting for the inevitable screaming and they will nap up to 3 hours without disturbing each other!
There you go, folks. My two year old twins no longer nap in the same room. All three of us get to nap for up to 3 hours in the afternoon. I say it is win-win-win all round.
What about bedtime? They continue to share the same bedroom since they came home as 5 day old infants and bedtime is still 6:30pm.
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  1. You DO know how fortunate you are to get more than an hours' nap in the afternoon, yes? :D

    C naps at most 45minutes! And then on weekends, we scramble to get errands done within that time frame. Imagine trying to buy baju in that span of time. Not funny I tell you!

    1. Yes I do and am very thankful for their afternoon siesta!

      Love your humour and openness!!!! Ya I can imagine your scenario with baju! LOL.... You must be an expert in speed shopping!!!!