Monday, April 8, 2013

Operation Tough Love {Yet Again} - A Letter from Me to Them

Taken on Sunday - marked 15 days before their 2nd birthdays
My darling children

It started three weeks ago when both of you were cutting teeth and since then, we have had interrupted bedtime almost every single night. Enough is enough.

Mummy and Daddy need our peaceful sleep straight through the night more than you do.

We will be sticking industrial grade ear plugs into our ears, turning on the air-conditioning in our room and keeping our bedroom shut. If and when you decide to both wake  sometime between 10:30pm and midnight and scream for us, specifically me, "Mummy!" "Mum!" "Mummy!"....we will not be jolted into action because three weeks of getting up in the middle of the night and cuddling-comforting you in the bed is enough. We need to sleep.

I think your teeth cutting is over and I doubt night terror is the reason too. Three weeks, in our view, is a substantial amount of time for cuddling and sharing of bed. Hence, you can jolly put yourselves back to sleep however long it takes the both of you even if it means you waking up in the morning with a hoarse voice.

Trust me babies. Parents who sleep through the night have more tolerance to put up with your developmental antics throughout the day.

We love you plenty and look forward to the return of sleeping through the night (once again).

Affectionately yours forever and ever,

Your "panda eyed" mummy

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