Monday, April 29, 2013

Outsmarting Mummy

Like most mummies, I think I know my children innately. Most of the time, I know what they want & need and have the uncanny ability to decipher their gibberish language. When I am at a loss, I usually defer to one twin (either one of them) and he/she sorts it out for me. Quite handy, really. By the way, my children are speaking a lot more clearly these days too and being able to converse with them is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
A few recent events have also led me to believe that my children are outsmarting me. It makes me scratch my head, laugh out loud and exclaim in alarm. They watch my every move and perhaps also know me deeper than I think. A symptom borne out of wearing my heart on the sleeves perhaps?
Underneath our outdoor patio
Daniel's blue chair
Daniel calls out "Mummy! Sit!" and proceeds to beat the seat of his chair repeatedly. I smile and oblige by moving towards him. The expression on his face gives nothing away but to me, I know something is up. There is a slight glint in his eyes.
I sit on the chair very slowly and feel the chair being removed from underneath me. This follows my favourite sound in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD - Daniel's very hearty and infectious laughter! We laugh together and have a very hearty hug. This sequence went on 5 more times because it was so much fun and really, I just want to see and hear that LAUGH. Also, the excuse to hug him again and again and again and again and again.
In our master bedroom
Our bed and Charlotte's baby + baby's cot
After lunch, it is bottle of milk followed by nap. Charlotte's taken a fancy to napping on our bed and we have tried discouraging her by putting her back in her cot, screaming and crying.
On this day, I announce it is milk time and she calls out "sleeping". As usual, Daniel comes to me, I give him his bottle - he walks away and hoists himself up onto the couch to enjoy his drink. Charlotte is nowhere to be found. I know where she will be. On. Our. Bed.
I sat next to Daniel and when he finished his drink, he said "Charlotte?". I smiled and told him that it was time for bed. I put him in bed, he looks over at Charlotte's bed (realises she's not there) and knew that she was not going to nap in the same room. I walk out and he howls for the next 5 minutes and all is quiet. He's asleep. What a good boy.
I walk into our bedroom with a bottle for Charlotte. There she was, smiling with her head on daddy's pillow calling out "Mummy! Sleeping!" to her is her baby in its cot. To further emphasise that it is sleep time and she & her baby aren't going anywhere. I give up.
After her bottle, she attempts conversations. I say "It's night night. Time to sleep. Shhh." She is asleep within 5 minutes. Bless her.
There you have it. My two year old twins outsmarting me already. I think I have found my match in them and I am as proud as punch!

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