Friday, April 26, 2013

Stopping at Two

Last week, I shared my take on the right age to start a family {you may read it here} and thought I'd put the next step to rest which is stopping at two {children who coincidentally turned two earlier in the week}.
Admittedly, from time to time, I have been "tempted" to try for a third child. This phenomenon usually coincides with the twins being extremely well-behaved for the entire day {I know! It does happen from time to time} and when I cuddle a very adorable newborn {happened 3 nights ago and he literally made my ovaries jump}.
So, why stop at two?
We have a good routine going. The four of us. The juggling of work/family works.
Naturally some days are 'easier' than others and we cope as best as we can. We thrive on knowing what's going to happen when and plan our lives around our children's one nap per day which takes place at 11:15am and their bedtime at 6:30pm. Yes it can be rather restrictive in making social plans but we get to have a rest too and that's crucial! The time will come when they will no longer have their one day nap and...we will no doubt come up with a new arrangement when we get there as with most things in life.
Our lives are constantly on the go. Keeping up with the twins. Keeping up with the household chores. Keeping up with work. Keeping up with friends. Keeping up with each other. Yes, we do take regular breathes.
The twins are literally little people now. Little people whom we can have conversations with, little people who understand instructions and most times, take to instructions very well, little people who intrigue us with their antics and their relationship with each other & others and little people who are a reflection of us - their parents.
Our family cars suits our family of four very comfortably. Yes, we have 4 car seats between both cars.
Our family home has 4 bedrooms. It suits us perfectly so long as we give away clothes and toys which they have outgrown every few months.

When we go to a café or restaurant, the tables are usually set up for a family of four. 

The ratio of 1 parent: 1 child works well for us especially when we are at swimming lessons and when one child wakes up earlier than the other from a nap.
What if I feel clucky again? This will no doubt happen throughout my life.
Well, I will go and cuddle newborns - take in their brand new smell, hold them close to my chest, watch the myriad of expressions that are etched on their faces, change their nappies, swaddle them and know that, when I return the newborn to their parents...I will be returning home and not waking up for those overnight feeds!

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