Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Toddler Activity: Dry Park

Toddlers love to play and most of their learning are done in this manner. Win-Win.

We are lucky to live in an area where we are surrounded by parks. Many of these parks have playgrounds. This one in particular is about 15 mins walk away and one that we don't go too often especially when we choose to walk to it as our toddlers will.not.sit in their stroller for longer than 25 minutes max.

On this particular sunny day, we walked it very quickly. We made the twins enjoy their ride in the stroller distracted them by giving them fresh apple chunks to munch on and it helped!

The swing is a HUGE PART of their lives. They love the swings. In fact, they refuse to get off especially Daniel who throws a huge and very vocal temper tantrum when removed. We will remove him and Charlotte when other kids are around to demonstrate to them the concept of sharing. Our kids are adrenalin junkies like their daddy -  The higher they go, the better and Daniel prefers the "big kids" swing - no belt, no harness {he has fantastic balance}.

This particular playground has a few climbing options which is fantastic for Charlotte. As you can see in the photo on the top right, she attempted that climb all on her own and it is at least 1.8m off the ground. You can imagine how petrified I was. I think I clung onto the rope from the ground {you can see my hands in the photo} much tighter than Charlotte!

All up, it was a splendid morning and after an hour, we quickly started our walk/sprint home because Daniel is a typical male - he falls asleep very easily especially in the stroller or car. Him falling asleep outside of home is not an option. At all. In fact, when we were 400m to home, the husband ran all the way home because Daniel's eyes were drooping!

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