Thursday, April 4, 2013

Toddler Activity: Wet Park

We are a family of early risers hence it was no surprise we made it to Southbank Parklands at 6:50am. We left home at 6:30am.

Everything we needed was packed the night before so it was an easy transition from the moment they woke - changed nappies - gave them milk - changed nappies again and into going out clothes - strapped them into car seats - gave them each a container of dry cereal to munch on {kept them quiet} while our car pulled out of our garage.

Parking was already scarce at that time of the morning because Brisbanites love Southbank Parklands for a wide variety of reasons - to exercise, to socialise, etc.

For those of you who follow me on FB, water play is a huge part of my children's lives because they enjoy it immensely and it also affords me the opportunity to take a break. Therefore, we knew we were onto a winner when we decided to take them out for the day to an activity that we know they will thoroughly enjoy.

Well, the photos speak for themselves. It was brilliant. We were there for 4 whole hours. Yes, read it right. 4 whole hours. The entire time, the husband and I stayed closed to them at all times.

We will certainly return for another visit soon. 

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