Thursday, May 30, 2013

Charlotte: Her brother's and mummy's keeper

If I were given 3 words to describe my daughter, they will have to be Caring, Loving and Intuitive (high emotional intelligence). She astounds me often and her actions tells me that she knows more than I give her credit for.
Meal Times
Charlotte and Daniel sit in their respective little chairs and table for every meal. She's often the first to plonk herself in her chair and I can often hear her calling out for Daniel, "C'mon Daniel! It's Dinner. Sit Down." When he does not comply, she gets up from her chair - goes to his chair, beats the seat with her hand and repeats, "C'mon Daniel! It's Dinner. Sit Down." When he does not eat, "Is it hot?" She's always looking out for him be it indoors or outdoors.
Plasma Viewing
Charlottes loves Peppa Pig and Daniel loves Finding Nemo. Life would be so much easier if they both LOVE the same cartoon tv series / cartoon movie at the same time BUT no, toddlers don't do that. They like to exert their own independence.
For the last 3 days, it's been a case of teaching them about negotiating and sharing. The moment our butts touch the couch, Charlotte will start chanting "PIG! PIG! PIG! and this is swiftly followed with Daniel pointing towards the plasma and chanting "FISH! FISH! FISH!"
Since Charlotte made her request demand known first, I would say to them -
"Ok. Charlotte said it first and she wants to watch Peppa Pig.
We will watch 1 episode and will watch Finding Nemo next."
Charlotte nods her head happily while Daniel howls for the next 30 seconds (+ slides his body off the couch and onto our Turkish rug in protest). Imagine this, Peppa Pig is over and Finding Nemo comes on the screen. The reverse takes place - this time, it's Charlotte howling, etc. Are you laughing? Remember. 3 days.
This morning at breakfast. Once again, the chanting "PIG! PIG! PIG!" ... "FISH! FISH! FISH!" Yes, Charlotte got to watch Peppa Pig first because she's quicker to make her demands requests known and THE RELEVATION TOOK PLACE AFTER THE 1 EPISODE OF PEPPA PIG...
She turned to me and said, "Now we watch Daniel's FISH!" WOW. Proud Mummy Moment that was and still is. VERY PROUD. I could have made a big deal - cooked her all the bacon she wanted to eat, tossed her up in the air, kissed her until she pulled away, etc. No, I restraint myself as would any mother of sound mind (ha ha ha). Gave her a big hug and said "Yes, we will watch Daniel's Fish!" Daniel was none the wiser and yes, no howling. WOW.

Nappy Changing Marathon
Of late, nappy times have become a rather frustrating exercise in my household. Frustrating because they will both stubbornly say, "NO! NO NAPPY!" and run away from me. When I catch hold of them, it's as if they have turned into an octopus - I never knew they have more than a pair of hands and legs each! Now, imagine having to catch hold of two octopus!
When I change Daniel (with his hands and arms flinging in all sorts of direction + twisting of the body, etc.), I have a firm hold over his mid section with one hand while the other hand strips off the nappy and puts on the clean nappy (yes I can change nappies one-handed). In the midst of trying to hold him down, Charlotte will collect his toy cars that are within reach and give it to him, in an attempt to distract / calm him. WOW. It works.
In the playground
When another child takes a toy away from Daniel, she marches up to that kid - takes the toy away from him/her and run it straight back to Daniel. WOW.
Are you OK?
I am one of those people who wears my heart on my sleeves and face. Yes, you always know how I feel and where you stand with me. No ambiguity. During those times, my daughter will come up to me, pats me on my shoulder, says, "Are you OK, mummy?" and gives me a hug. WOW. Where did she learn that from??
When her brother is upset, that's what she does too! She quickly finds his favourite plush puppy or grab a handful of toy cars within reach, goes up to him, pats him on the shoulder, says, "Are you OK, Daniel?" and gives him his favourite things. WOW. Really, where did she learn that from?
My daughter is a keen observer of life. One that loves fostering relationships and guards those whom she loves very fiercely. I couldn't be more proud, more delighted and more humbled by my little 25 month young daughter.

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