Friday, May 10, 2013

Fostering Independence in Play and Concentration


Prior to having my own children, I had very little to do with children in general. Therefore, when I came to have my own, I was a bona fide novice in every sense of the word. The same can be said about the husband as well. We've never changed a nappy, never fed a baby, do not have younger siblings and most of our friends had no children! There you go, we had no opportunity so to speak! hahaha
Thank goodness for the Internet, Books, General Observations and Common Sense, we made a few decisions on what we think will work for us as parents and the kind of children we would like to nurture.
Those of you who follow my blog and Face Book know that I am an advocate of Routine. The other aspect is independence.
Even from infancy, we would never hovered over our children unless they were clearly distraught. In fact, after they were fed-burped-cuddled, we would leave them in their rockers / play mat / cot on their own.
Till today, we continue to give them this level of independence because we believe that children need to learn to self-entertain, be comfortable in their own skin so to speak and create their own fun (without the aid of modern technology). Thank goodness, they have not protested our plan.
Don't get me wrong, I still cuddle and kiss them till they pull away, tickle them till they tell me to "stop mummy!" and engage in play & conversation (plus let them watch 'Play School' and 'Peppa Pig' at Lunch and Dinner) . When it is nap / bed-time, they self-settle to sleep and when they wake up from the middle of their nap / bed-time, they will self-sooth without our aid (most of the time).
Parenting is never 'easy' and as they continue to grow, I am so thankful that they play well together (most of the time) and can play independently & quietly on their own as well. This brief window of opportunity allows me to take a break, do housework, prepare yet another meal, have a chat with the spouse, etc.

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