Friday, May 24, 2013

Lessons I learnt on the day they turned 25 months

Do you have one of those days when meltdowns come thick and fast?
Do you have one of those days when nothing seem to work on the kids? 
It was a not-so-magical Wednesday with the twins. Daniel was more than a handful as he threw temper tantrums left, right and centre. Unsurprisingly, my voice box and stomach muscles also received a mighty workout as I lashed out instructions / questions in a bid to vent and seek clarity. The rest of the day were better with fewer tantrums that were well spaced out though I was already mentally-physically-emotionally exhausted by then. Therefore, this is what I did.
Day Nap
They went down for their day nap 15 minutes earlier than usual. I figured it was safer for them to be in their cots {away from me}. We all needed a break from each other.
Dinner Time
We have a rule in our home. If you don't eat your dinner, no other choice will be given and dessert which usually consists of fresh fruits will not be offered as an alternative either. That means, they go to bed on an empty stomach. I struggled with this concept for the LONGEST TIME and decided to give it a go last week. In fact, they went without dinner for two nights in a row. Was I concern? Definitely! Were they starving? Doubt it! Did they still sleep through the night? Yes they did!
Bedtime on Wednesday Night
Our bedtime routine consists of bath / shower, milk, stories and lights out by 6:30pm. On this evening, I was on my own as Jared was still on an aeroplane heading home to us.  After the day I've had with them, I seriously just wanted to have a break. Coupled with the fact that it was the coldest day on record since 1953, an executive decision was made. We skipped the bath / shower and went straight to milk, stories and lights 6:00pm. Yes, 30 minutes earlier. Did they struggle going to bed earlier? No. In fact they slept in a further 30 minutes in the morning and enjoyed 13 hours of ZZZZZzzzz
The lessons I learnt from this day
  • Their cots are a good place for them to be in when we need time out from each other because they have not learnt how to climb out of them. I will not use this method all the time because I want to ensure that they still view their cots as restful places and therefore was a good idea, to tolerate {with difficulty} the melt downs until it was close to their nap time so it was a natural progression.
  • Children will not starve. They will eat when they are hungry.
  • Going to be bed earlier than usual has never hurt anyone, really.
Everyday is a brand new day. More lessons to be learnt and experienced. Yes, I love my children with all my heart-soul-mind.

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