Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to my Son: No excuses at school and at bath time

Dearest Daniel

After the ordeal at the hospital on Mother's day with your arm (broken in 2 places), you have been such a trooper! I tell you multiple times a day how proud I am of your fantastic attitude,  cuddle you until you pull away and kiss you until you run away from me.
Why am I writing this down? This is done with the hope that one day, should you read this blog and question my decisions as your mother in the following areas,  that you know that I also know that you have what it takes to be:
An upstanding pupil at school
The following day after the hospital, I took the day off from work with the hope to spend the day with you instead of you attending childcare. You clearly had other ideas when I mentioned this 'plan' because you stood next to daddy's car (as you would on days that I work), touched the door numerous times and declared, "SCHOOL!"
Up until then, I did not realise you knew how to say that word and knowing your personality, once your mind has been made up, it is best for all our ears and sanity, to go with your flow, so long as your choices are sound & reasonable.
I was concern about your arm in the newly plastered cast and obviously, that wasn't an issue for you. In hindsight, I think you wanted to show the cast off to your friends!
Anyway, you went to Kindy and had a 'brilliant day' according to your teachers. Good on you for having such a splendid attitude and that no broken arm was ever going to stand in your way of attending school.
Therefore, when you are 'older' and attending proper school...there will be no excuses for you not to go unless it is under Doctor's orders. You want to protest / debate / throw a temper tantrum / slam your bedroom door about this?! Forget it.
A boy of good hygiene
The first word you uttered when you woke up the very next day (the day after the ordeal at the hospital that is) was "BATH!"
Wow...I was very impress that you would request for it since most little boys would rather be dirty than clean.
Therefore, when you are 'older' and insists on not having a shower / will be doused with water via the shower head or thrown into one of our neighbours pool in their backyard. Yes, trust me, you will sleep better when you are clean. End of discussion. 

I love you to the moon and back x infinity,

Your ever loving-accepting-supportive Mummy

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