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Organically Good in Everyway

Every Wednesday spent with my kids is different. Thankfully, they woke up happy and we had a delightful morning at home - baking carrot cake muffins, reading, watching a few episodes of Peppa Pig and Olivia {yes, they are their new 'favourites'}, lunch and then it was nap time for them. They didn't nap as long and woke up 1.5 hours later, happy. That I cannot complain. As long as they are happy, I am too.
Taking advantage of their good mood, we got into my car to run an errand about 20 mins away. After my errand was completed, I notice Wray Organic. A mummy friend {who is a nutritionist} mentioned how fantastic this market/café is a few months ago (there is a Wray Organic closer to home) and thought this is my opportunity to check them out.
It felt great the moment we walked in. It was open, airy, clean and the menu on the café wall was very tempting. Since I haven't had lunch, this was the perfect opportunity to be tempted! They have seating inside the 'market' and also outside. I chose inside
The kids sat me with me for all of 2 minutes and gravitated towards the kids' table {thankfully, the table that I chose was next to the kids' table}. They entertained themselves with the colouring pencils, books, Legos and Daniel went for the truck right away!
It was a most peaceful 1 hour with the kids outside of our home.
I ordered the vegetarian lasagne which was chockfull of yummy vegetables - it was delicious and filling. Kids and I shared a Berries Smoothie - yum!
Who would have thought an organic market and café could be this wonderful? I am definitely going back for another visit soon.
Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial