Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rising to the Occasion on Mother's Day

This is us at the Mater Children's Emergency Department at 10:00am on Mother's Day.
Prior to this, we were exploring a park across town and the kids were on the swings. Daniel fell off the seat, did a somersault and this was followed swiftly by a most urgent car ride to the hospital.
It's a heart break seeing and hearing my child in pain - crying in the car all the way into hospital. Then holding onto him fiercely while he struggles against the pain and constant prodding from the medical team. Refusing to lie on the bed and seeking comfort in the clutches of mummy most of the time, it was exhausting and reassuring at the same time.
My darling Daniel. So strong and oh so determine. Through it out, I believe he knew he was being very well looked after and surrounded by the loving support of his family including his sister who was regularly seen handing him various toys and patting him on the shoulder in her bid to comfort him. Very sweet.
Considering we were there from 10:00am to 7:00pm in that foreign environment, surrounded by strangers, noises, etc...they were great kids. Never leaving us, no tantrums and listened to all instructions (except for Daniel - and really, who can blame him? I certainly don't).
On this particular Mother's Day, obviously far from ideal, made me realise the depth of my children's resilience, understanding and that everything is possible so long as we stick together. That we did.
The lesson learnt: Always have high expectations of your children because they will rise to the occasion.

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  1. ... What a thing to happen!! But I suppose, with kids, we never know, ya?

    Glad to see that Daniel was so brave through the ordeal. I don't know if *I* could be as strong as he was, never mind that he's only two!

    You're right, sometimes as Mothers, it's not only learning what we are capable of doing for the kids. It's about discovering how wonderful they can be, each and every day, despite all else.

    1. He was crying and howling + I was crying while having to hold him down on the bed while they administered IV twice (once on his hand and the other, on his feet). Heart Pain!

      Despite all that, he was very brave all things considered and him only two years of age!

      I really don't give my children enough credit for their resilience and understanding. They always cope and with us by their side, all of us learn to stick together regardless.