Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Twins' Attachment to Plush Family

My children have been gifted with countless plush since their births and for the longest time, I have considered them a nuisance because the kids weren't a least bit interested in them until they turned 19 months (the plush must have heard my complaints because I was very close to giving them ALL away).
These days, Charlotte and Daniel LOVE
  1.  Sleeping with their plush (Daniel sleeps with 2 and Charlotte sleeps with 7)
  2. Waking up clutching their plush
  3. Walking out of their room with their plush (Daniel holds his and Mummy / Daddy holds Charlotte's)
  4. Enjoying their dinner in the company of their plush (Daniel's sits with him on their high chair and Charlotte's sit on the couch opposite her)
  5. Traveling with them in the car, in their respective strollers and on the aeroplane!
They have their one favourite and thank goodness for that! Daniel loves his yellow plush puppy gifted to him by a dear friend from Seattle Washington (she's mailing a back up) and Charlotte loves her pink pig affectionately named "Piggy" from my cousin when we were in Singapore last year.
This "zoo" of plush provides them with reassurance during all kinds of transitions and especially on our drives to and from Childcare. They leave their plush behind in the car when they are dropped off by Daddy and pick their plush up in my car when I pick them up. I think it helps them switch from home mode to childcare mode and vice versa.
Daniel can also be seen (via the video camera in their room) speaking and hugging his puppy in the cot  (in pitch darkness) when he is not tired enough to fall asleep and this can go on for up to 1.5 hours! It is very sweet.
May they retain this sense of innocence and wonderment for as long as possible.

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