Friday, June 7, 2013

Additions to our Family

Do you notice that your children go through periods of liking something obsessively? The last obsession for my kids was Rio the cartoon movie. From the moment they wake up, it is Rio! Rio! Rio! My husband and I nearly went stir crazy but the kids were delirious with joy.
Their latest obsession is Finding Nemo the cartoon movie. They love fish and no doubt heightened by the fact that at childcare, they have a fish in their room and a huge fish tank in the reception. Yes we have to say goodbye to those fishes before we come home too.
We have a cat at home. We have no wish for fishes at home. With two kids, you just can't buy 1 fish. That's just cruel and asking for trouble. There just isn't enough time in a day as working parents to two active toddlers to be cleaning the tank, feeding the fishes and then having to explain to the children when the fishes go belly up. You get the point.
I chanced upon a very special type of fish the other day when I was at a meeting and just had to get it for the kids. They are Robo Fish - electronic fishes that are activated by water. Yes, you read it right. Electronic fishes! They will fit the bill. No feeding, no cleaning and certainly no need to explain when they go belly up as they can be revived with batteries. HOORAY!
I was all excited. I found a fish tank (pictured above) that we used for our Siamese Fighting Fish many years ago (pre-twins). Rinsed it out, placed the stones at the bottom, filled it with water and let those fishes go. Wow! Not bad at all. In fact, quite life-like for fake fish!
When I brought the kids home from Childcare, I told them that I had bought fishes for them. They went straight into the Media Room, pointed at the Plasma and wondered why Finding Nemo wasn't on the screen. Then I pointed at the fish tank on the media unit and said, "FISH!"
Oh my, they ran straight to it. Bopping up and down, trying to get the best view. At one point, they even dragged their chairs and stood on them to get a better view - I thought better of it. I was rather proud of myself.
Then they decided that they didn't want the fishes to co-habit. Great, not. I went hunting for another vase fish tank. Each fish now lives in its own bowl (not pictured here).
So what are their names? Elmo and Nemo. It's not rocket science. Yes, the children named them.


  1. Best part? You're not contributing to the plight of the clown fish!! Hurray robotics!

    1. hahahaha thanks Tabbs! Another bonus indeed!!!!! Hurray robotics!!!! YAY!