Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fascination with doll babies and nappies

There's something magical~heart-warming~amusing when I observe and hear Charlotte interact with her doll babies. The "relationship" she has with them is magical. She cuddles - kisses - burps and takes them for walks in the one stroller. The loving - funny - knowing looks she gives them incredibly heart-warming. The conversations she has with them is amusing - looking straight in the eyes while talking to them in a combination of gibberish & commonly used words and the occasional wagging of her finger when they misbehave.
When I told her on the weekend that we will buy clothes and nappies for her babies, she was thrilled to the bone! In fact, on the way to the shops, she clung onto her babies and kept kissing them! When the purchases were made, she insisted on carrying the shopping bag through the shops and into the car...yes she held onto it very firmly all the way until we got home.
Daniel has never been interested in the doll babies. In fact, he taunts his sister by grabbing the dolls and throwing them up in the air before bursting into cheeky laughter.
On this occasion, his interest was piqued and it's all because of those doll baby nappies! While Charlotte attempts to put them on, take them off and stuff them back into the package, Daniel is inspecting the nappy from every angel - touching, feeling, looking, wondering. It's quite peculiar to observe the entire scene.
They played well together alongside their doll babies. Charlotte doing the nurturing and Daniel the investigating until...Charlotte wanted all the nappies back into the packaging. Yes, she's like me. Everything needs to be put back in the right place.
My soon to be 26 month young toddlers. Fascinated by doll babies and nappies.

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