Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having a dip in the Ocean {in Winter}

It was a most glorious Sunday in Winter. The skies were blue and the temperature was 14C. Most sensible people would have chosen to stay dry while enjoying the gorgeous weather but not us. We headed south towards the Gold Coast! {If you recall, there is a blog post earlier in the year when we went to the beach on a cloudy and wet day}
There are a few beaches on the Gold Coast and we chose Broadbeach for a few reasons:
  • It is not as busy as Surfers Paradise
  • There is 3 hour free parking at the Surf Club
  • We can bypass all the road works that is concentrated at Surfers Paradise
Charlotte and Daniel have never dipped their toes in the ocean and were reluctant to do so initially. Well, I don't blame them when there are loud waves coming towards us and crashing on the beach. Charlotte didn't like her feet to be dirty - typical girl. Daniel wasn't fazed by the sand, in fact, he was happily chasing the sea gulls!
We demonstrated to them the fun to be had by standing still on the beach and waiting for the ocean to gently caress our feet + stamping out feet on the water. I reckon it was the stamping that got them excited because they started mimicking me (Jared had to take the photos).
I gently led them further and further into the water...the expressions on their faces and squeals were like music to my soul. They LOVED it. They love having the waves chase them and enjoyed squishing their feet into the wet gooey sand!
They would have stayed their for a long time if we let them. In fact, we had to drag them several times not to go any further! We reckon they wanted to go for a swim!!!
When we deem it was time to move on, Daniel protested by screaming "NO! NO! NO!" very loudly. He eventually needed to be mummy handled off and Charlotte on the other hand was quite happy because I told her that we were going to wash her our feet.
We are very delighted that they enjoyed the outing and we did too watching them experience the ocean for the first time. It is truly wonderful seeing the world through their eyes.


  1. Love the pic! Like a mother hen standing by her little chicks to protect them :-)