Thursday, June 27, 2013

To stop and smell the roses

As a working mother of twins, my life is all about routine - tasks - deadlines both in and out of the home. Quite often, I just do not have the time to stop and smell the roses. Certainly, some days are easier than others and I am so thankful for GOOD DAYS like the one I had on my non work day.
The morning ritual of going to our favourite café followed by a top up of groceries at the local supermarket is working really well for us PLUS they walk next to me without straying! {yes, no double stroller. Just the three of us walking together. Quite marvellous, really}
They played really well on their own and with each other the whole day.
This enabled me to clean my kitchen and tidy up.
They ate well. Napped well. Woke up happy.
This enabled me to relax and really enjoy the moments.
We enjoyed a few moments of sitting down together on the lounge and watching snippets of "Cars" and "Peppa Pig". Charlotte on my left, Daniel on my right {this was also their position in my womb} with their heads resting on my chest and one of their arms strapped across my tummy.
When disagreement arose, they worked it out. Someone had to give in and they took turns doing that.
I did not raise my voice once. That's a miracle in itself.
This scene of bliss does not happen everyday and when it does , it re-invigorates me as their mummy and gives me the added boost that I-CAN-DO-ANYTHING!


  1. Days like that help get you through the not-so-great days!