Monday, June 17, 2013

Winter: It's the Cough and Cold Season!

As this blog post involves medication, I thought best to put out the following -
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am a mother who cares deeply for my children.
This is what I choose to do when they have the cough and cold.
This is not a paid advertorial.
This post is for the sole purpose of sharing my experience of what I choose to do for my children based on what works for them.
Charlotte and Daniel are going through the {common} coughs and colds at the moment. This takes place every few months and we do not take them to the GP for treatment because he/she cannot prescribe anything "stronger" unless it is serious.
Coughs and colds are very common among young children especially those like mine who attend child care. It is heart-breaking to see them suffer however this is one of the ways young child build immunity, even adults.
I have chosen this series of photos for this post because it encapsulates Daniel's personality to a tee!
You wouldn't have guessed by these photos that he has been nursing a cough and cold for the last few days. His appetite for food is off at the moment, clear mucus constantly runs down his face - at least he lets us wipe his face without struggle (wasn't the case in the past) and coughing.
Despite the obvious discomforts, he's not a whinging kid. At all. He continues to be himself. When he is focussed on something or an activity, we let him be. If we want him to move onto something else, all we have to do is tell him - give him a few seconds and he will do so, with a small bout of LOUD protestation before giving us his cooperation and hand to hold.
Charlotte is a pretty good kid when she is unwell too. A little bit more clingy, slightly off her food, wakes up too early {5:00am instead of 6:30am} and is diligent about wiping the mucus off her face {must be a girl thing}.
This is typically we give our kids for up to 5 days when they have the cough and cold:

Brauer  - Baby & Child Cold & Flu
Contains ingredients used in homeopathic medicine for relief of cold and flu symptoms. To find out more,
bioRevive - Prospan Chesty Cough Relief
Contain shedera helix has a special two-fold action to help relieve and ease coughing. To find out more,
Nurofen for Children
This is what I do:
Day 1 - 2
They get given 3ml of each medication, 3 times a day - after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner.
Day 3
They get given 3ml each of Brauer and bioRevive, 2 times a day - after breakfast and after dinner. Only 1 x 3ml of Nurofen for each child after dinner.
Day 4 - 5
Usually by day 4, one of the symptoms would subside:
If the cold no longer bothers them, I stop giving them Brauer.
If the cough no longer bothers them, I stop giving bioRevive.
They are still give 3ml of Nurofen for Children after dinner.
 After their evening bath
We would lather their chests and necks with Baby Vicks for extra comfort.

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