Monday, July 15, 2013

{2 scenarios} What does one do when... kid wakes up earlier than the other from their afternoon nap?
Usually, it means one on one quiet cuddle time on the couch with that child. I love this special moment as cuddles and kisses are freely given and received with the occasional giggle in between. Another benefit of having children who are slow in waking up fully.

On this particular day, my son was getting a bit squeamish after 15 minutes worth of one on one time. So what does a mother do when she is on her own and the other child is still fast asleep?
Well, we bake of course! Another reason why I have at least 2 boxes of Betty Crocker in our pantry. The kids enjoy helping and baking is what we do on a weekly basis.
After the cookies were placed in the oven, my daughter woke up and all three of us spent the next 5 mins staring into the oven beckoning those cookies to cook FASTER!
My children hardly get sweets. In fact, these kids will only have 3 licks of ice-cream (Movenpick!) and give it back to me for my enjoyment. On this day, we all had a cookie each plus a cup of milk (for them) and a cup of tea (for me) for our post nap snack. Perfect
... all of us have had enough of outdoor gardening and bike rides?
We checked out the newly opened 24 hour McDonalds very close to home (not near enough to walk to, thank goodness) which has an air-conditioned playground. We were in the playground for all of 5 minutes because there were a few very noisy kids in there and we could tell that Charlotte & Daniel weren't having a good time.
So what did we do then?
We bought them their very first Happy Meal each. Thank goodness, there are healthier options and not just the standard burger, fries, chocolate milk/soft drink combo. They each received 3 chicken nuggets, 1 packet of apples and 1 bottle of water...yes they also got their very own toy. Minions.
Charlotte & Daniel rejected the chicken nuggets and instead gorged themselves on apples and drank their water! WOW! We are very proud of their choices and yes, mum and dad ate the chicken nuggets!
When we got home, the kids played outside for a little bit more while I got their dinner ready (despite thinking that they might not be hungry after their snack at 3:30pm. Bearing in mind their dinner is at 4:30pm).
Once again, they surprised me. They sat down at their respective tables and ate:
  1. Dinner of Home-Made Macaroni with 4 cheeses mixed with peas & corn and left over honey & soy chicken
  2. Dessert of watermelon, strawberries and blueberries + yoghurt
Happy Children = Happy Parents = Happy Weekend.

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