Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birth Story of Charlotte and Daniel

The date was 22nd April 2011 and it was the Good Friday public holiday. Certainly, it was a very good Friday for our family. We had waited for this day for a super duper long time and it had finally arrived.
My hospital bag was packed at 28 weeks and on this day, I was 37 weeks 1 day. My birth plan? To be in as little pain as possible and crucially, for the swift and safe deliveries of our much treasured children. Very simple and straight forward.
Their births was a planned caesarean and there were both in breech position. Neither Jared nor I want any complications associated with a natural birth with two babies in that position so it was an easy decision for us when we conveyed our birth plan to our Obstetrician a few months prior. 

We left our organised, tidy and quiet home at 6:30am and travelled calmly towards the hospital.
 Check in at the hospital. Needless to say, we were both very excited and behaved like little kids let loose in a candy store, really.
After the check in, we were taken to our room for the next 4 days to be prepped for the procedure. We couldn't stop grinning and relished in the final hour of being just the two of us. It was so quiet in the private hospital, in fact, very surreal.
we walked with the midwives to the reception area of the operating theatres and signed more forms. She then went through the procedure of a caesarean with us. By then, we were so excited and if we could jump out of our skins, we would!
We walked into the theatre. Jared was ushered to sit on a chair next to the operating bed while I sat on the bed with my legs over the edge- hunched over with a pillow with a midwife holding my shoulders firmly so that the anaesthetist could administer the spinal block. It was uncomfortable for a wee 10 seconds or so, then I was lowered very gently onto the bed awaiting the wonder drug to take effect (several tests were conducted to ensure that be the case), an IV was administered into my right hand and a plastic sheet was raised so we couldn't see a thing except we could hear a lot of action! We had over 10 medical staff in the theatre with us as each child had his/her own medical team.
I felt a lot of tugging and noise but no pain. We were speechless with excitement as we waited in anticipation for cries that would assure us that they are well.
The first cries and screams were heard. It was SO LOUD and what a joyous & reassuring noise that was for us! Charlotte came out first and was placed on my chest. The wonderment, appreciation, gratefulness, overflowing unconditional love flowed from us to her as she stared straight into my eyes.
Another cry and scream. This time EVEN LOUDER! Yay!!!! Daniel is born. I could not see him and this time, Jared stood up and he was speechless to see our son for the first time!
Both kids were wheeled away to be checked over by their pediatrician and Jared followed them wherever they went while two obstetricians worked on me. The children were wide awake & alert and Jared cut their umbilical cords. Very special moment.
I was wheeled to the Recovery Room and the three most important people in my life were waiting for me. That was when I got to hold both children on my chest. That moment is indescribable. Those feelings of intense love and fierce protection towards them were immediate as we stared, marvelled, kissed and smelt our babies. They are finally here.
With the babies on me, we were all taken to our room for the next 4 days.
I will remember that day for the rest of my living years. It was everything we had planned and hoped for with the well-being of our children at the top of the list.
Those of us who are blessed with parenthood are truly privileged so let's continue to champion for children everywhere that they be protected, loved and nurtured in a manner that gives them the capacity to lead rich & fulfilling lives.

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