Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Controlled Mess?

It was a most glorious weekend - the sun was finally out and the skies were clear & blue. You would be right to think that it would have been perfect to be out & about except we didn't because we were all unwell, yet again. Six weeks and counting.
Nothing serious, really. Just the usual coughs and colds. It is simply annoying and coupled with the fact that the twins did not sleep through on Friday and Saturday nights, we (the parents) did not have the motivation nor energy to explore the great outdoors with our little ones.
Despite all that, we engaged the kids in various activities around the home. One of their favourite activities is Finger Painting. In fact, they were the ones who initiated it.
We have a craft box underneath the outdoor patio and noticed that both their little heads were deep in the box trawling through the various items. They came to us with their plastic disposable plates (for paints), a bottle containing water based paint and art smocks (al cheapo).
We placed the easel onto the lawn, place one of their plastic tables (al cheapo) next to it, put their smocks on, squeezed the paint onto the plates and away they went.
Needless to say, they had a great time and do did we, watching them.

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