Thursday, July 18, 2013

Evolvement of Wednesday Rituals from Infancy to Now

As a working mummy, I look forward to having Wednesdays with my children. It allows me to remove my corporate hat, put on mummy hat and deal with different sets of scenarios - some very unpleasant and others simply heart-warming.

Our Wednesday rituals have certainly evolved over time and this is highly dependent on their interests, nap times and tasks I need to achieve:

Infanthood - Easiest phase
They required 3 naps. This was easily achieved traveling in the car to and from home or in the double pram. I am lucky that my kids napped easily on the go. In fact, the engine from the car lulls them into a peaceful slumber within minutes and the constant motion from the pram also had the same effect on them so I maximised our outings during those early months and enjoyed many outings & dined at café / restaurants in relative peace & quiet. All they needed was feeding and nappy changes!

Between infanthood and toddlerhood
When they were down to 2 naps, I would still venture out with them and ensure that the time of their first nap (8:30am) coincided with our car travel. This is their mini nap of 30 minutes so it is perfect! Then I'd ensure that we are home by 11:00am so that I can give them lunch and put them either in their rockers  (as pictured left) or straight into their cots for their nap at 12:00pm (lasts from 2 to 2.5 hours). Alternatively, I would pick a destination that is at least an hour from home so that the kids would have their decent 2 naps in the car. I do not allow my kids to nap for longer than 3 hours per day in total.

They have been on 1 nap since 18 months and because I have a son that will fall asleep in the car very easily, our morning outings are now very close to home. After breakfast, we change into our going out clothes and head straight for our local shopping centre (literally 2 mins drive from home). We head straight to our local coffee shop (coffee for me and a mini treat of cookie and water for them) - all three of us look forward to this and it is a very nice time. Then we head into the supermarket where I go looking for the double trolley that sits two toddlers side by side (it's brilliant) and go about with grocery shopping. After this is completed, we head straight home - the kids will play on their own and/or with each other while I go about fulfilling my household tasks. After they have their lunch, they go down for their nap at 11:30am and sleep for a maximum of 2 hours.
Here's hoping they will continue to require their one day nap for awhile yet because I take a nap too!!!!

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