Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting Kids to eat their fruit and vegetables

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial for any product and is based on my personal experience.

Kids keeps us on our toes. What they might enjoy at one meal may not necessarily translate to the next. Is this familiar to you?
They were great little eaters when weaned at 4 months and the fun & games really started when they begun sitting in their high chairs at 6 months. I used a combination of spoon feeding (me feeding them) and finger foods on their tables (self-feeding) to develop their fine motor skills, cultivate a sense of independence, exploration, fun and variety for the kids & I.
Then it got increasingly challenging from 12 month onwards when they begun exerting their independence. Meal times were a nightmare and in all honesty, I hate those months. If I could give them their nutritionally balanced meals that were loving made via an IV drip, I would! {I still have those days from time to time and they are now 27 months}
It has certainly gotten better over the months. Persistence, persistence, persistence...yes, my kids transitioned from the high chairs to their own mini sized tables and chairs at 20 months. We have not looked back since.
I bought the Annabel Karmel brand Mini Iced Lolly Set when the kids were 9 months of age. I would fill them with water for them to suck on during the hot summer months and the size of the handles are perfect for little hands! One of their favourites is frozen watermelon blocks - pureed and frozen into the moulds. They couldn't get enough.
An idea was born earlier in the week by K, my dear friend. She combined yoghurt-spinach-raspberries and poured them into the moulds to be frozen and...IT'S A WINNER FOR HER KID AND MINE! {Pictured here are my kids enjoying this combination}
Therefore, if your kids are struggling with their fruit and vegetables, try this. Puree and freeze the combinations into iced lolly moulds! I reckon the presentation, cold temperature, crunch factor and novelty will have them asking you for more!!!!
Tonight, my kids are having yoghurt-strawberries-golden kiwi fruit. YUM!

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