Thursday, July 11, 2013

In 4 weeks time, we celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary

The year was 1999 when we fell in love.
The year was 2002 when he proposed.
The year was 2003 when we married.
The year is 2013 and
we will soon be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary.
(Yes, we have been exclusive for 14 years)
We have been through SO MUCH together. There have been great times and not so great times. Through it all, we continue to stick together. We keep the conversations flowing (most of the time when I am not giving him the silent treatment). We drive each other up the wall and keep each other sane.
Our marriage has changed in ways unimaginable since the twins joined our family. Some days / moments in a day can be so tough and there are some days / moments in a day when our hearts are overflowing with love and appreciation for the family we have been blessed with.
We compliment each other. When he is stressed (which is not often), I am calm. When I am stressed (which is often), he is calm. He hates grocery shopping and cooking, so I do it. I hate ironing, so he does it.
Here's to us. Two working parents who have the best intentions ( even though the execution may be flawed some of the times) towards each other and our children.

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