Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids' new favourite outdoor activity: Biking!!!

This is what  we get up to when Daddy is around. The kids hop on their bikes and go for a ride, with us walking close by.
We gifted them their first bikes (coincidentally, also the name of the brand) on their 2nd birthday three months ago.
It was a rocky beginning for them and with regular practice, encouragement and persistence ... they are now riding their bikes independently!
They get very excited when we ask them if they would like to go biking. They put on their shoes, helmets and jump on their bikes ready to go.
The distances biked each trip gets longer (they determine this not us) and we watch on with pride and caution.
The bummer? They refuse to bike home so we end up having to cajole them, carry them and their bikes...that's why we don't bike when daddy is not around. Still, it is absolutely worth it! We all get to exercise!
Special mention:
Happy 27th Month to my adorable children who live life joyfully & passionately.
May you always live like that.
Thank you for reminding mummy & daddy to live that way too!

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