Friday, July 5, 2013

The Importance of Me

All of us need quality time to ourselves every now and then. It affords us the choice to do whatever we want without the usual obligations.
Before I became a mummy, it was easy for me to drop whatever I was doing and have an impromptu outing or weekend without any guilt.
Suffice to say, all that changed when I was blessed with mummy hood. First it was exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Then it was the guilt of being away from my family. That was followed by laziness. The list of excuses / reasons went on and on.
By allowing myself to accept those excuses / reasons, I became an increasingly unhappy person. Basically, I was going stir crazy.
The first 12 months of being a working mummy were the toughest. The internal dialogue of feeling guilty {all the time}, being stretched too thinly, working and leading a team, managing twins who are growing quicker than I can say "boo", battling with regular colds & flus, etc. The list goes on and on.
At the end of 2012, I made a pact with myself that 2013 will be different. That I need to reclaim ME. I need to find quality time for myself to do whatever my heart desires even if it means shopping for the kids and husband on my own.
2013 has seen me take regular quality time for myself. From time to time, I still grumble to the husband that I am getting grumpy from the lack of physical space and time away from all three of them. When I do that, I know it's high time I schedule time for me.
This year, I have been able to take up to 2 days at a time (time off in lieu from work) during the day when the kids are at childcare for me to do whatever I want. When I am unable to take days off from work, I make the effort and go out on a Thursday night (late night shopping) after the kids are in bed.
I no longer feel guilty when I have 'time out' and do so by ensuring that I manage it around my family and career.
Equally important, is my spouse. Next on my list of heart's desire is Date Night with my darling husband.

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