Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Ways to Promote Good Mental Health & Well-Being in Kids

Parenthood is certainly the toughest job I will ever love. Parenthood has also enabled me to grow a pair of eyes at the back of my head as I seem to be able to anticipate / know what the kids are up to even if it is only one of them being cheeky.

Being a working mummy also means sticking with the routine, juggling work / kids / housework and coping with everything happening all at the same time, to state the least. In the midst of it all, I also force myself to pause and sit down with the kids. To play / cuddle / kiss / teach them new skills / help them clean up their mess, etc.

I am following up last Saturday's post on "25 Great Parenting Ideas" with this one because it is vital in the development of our young children - Their mental health & well-being.

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