Friday, August 9, 2013

22 more days to Spring!

We love winters in Queensland especially my adopted city of Brisbane (for the last 13 years). It does get cold when the sun is down and it warms up to magnificent days by 10:00am. Clear blue sunny skies that compels us all to do another load of laundry (at least the washing dries!) and to head outdoors to enjoy the gift from mother nature.
Our bubble machine gets a good work out. The kids love to attempt eating them by opening & closing their mouths, smacking them with their palms, stomping them with their feet and dance amongst them.
 With a large oval bucket perched on top a table or in this case their closed sand pit and everyday items for scoops, this is an enjoyable time waster activity for the kids. Obviously, an activity best scheduled for post dinner and just before bath time!
It's sooo much fun being kids and may their sense of fun & wonderment never cease.

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