Friday, August 2, 2013

A letter to my {27.5 months} Toddlers

4 months young
Dearest Charlotte and Daniel

I love you both so much. It's a love that cannot be measured and one that I feel every single moment of my waking hours.

Most of the time you are absolutely adorable.

The little thing that you do (Charlotte) when I am standing. You look up at me with your arms above your head and plead, "Cuddle!" Then you wrap your arms tightly around my neck, place your head on my shoulders and breathe into my neck.

The little thing that you do (Daniel) when I am sitting. You look at me, grabs hold of my hand and plead, "Mummy, hold!" Then you jump onto my lap and curl up against my chest.

When the both of you want to be cuddled at the same time and each one of you does not want to share me with the other...I thank God for making my plump, for blessing me with two strong arms and two even stronger legs! {Who would have thought I have strong stomach muscles under all that blabber?!}

Those acts of love and dependence kills me every time. I can't get enough of that. Except the part when the both of you want to be cuddled at the same time while I am standing up. Really, kids. That's not fun for mummy.

I also love that you are speaking more coherently now. Life is so much easier now that you can verbalise the fact that a particular pair of sandals just wouldn't go with outfit of paint stained t-shirt with mis-matched shorts that you had picked out OR refusing to get out of the Pixar Cars PJs even when we desperately want to leave the home and do something in PUBLIC!

Seeing your role playing continues to fascinate and horrify me. You bring me the TV remote when you want a different program on the screen {who needs a dog, really?} and when you have had enough of the program on the TV and choose not to insist on changing the program so that your sibling can enjoy whatever he/she is watching, you locate my iPad that has been missing for the last 2 days so that you can watch your program via YouTube.

Almost everything that you do these days totally cracks me up. Now, I would like the both of you to work on the following:

  1. Being patient
    Know that I am human and am not a super sonic mythical creature / magician that can make things happen on the spot. BE PATIENT!!!!
  2. What's not yours isn't yours!
    Just because you've seen something and touched it, doesn't mean it's yours! You know that iPad? It's mine! You know the food that mummy has on her plate? It's mine!
Alright, that's it from me for now. See you later babies!

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