Thursday, August 15, 2013

A letter to my Son - the Quiet Achiever

Dearest Daniel
In the last week, you have amazed us with your mastery of your First Bike. The thrill and joy that radiates through your every being is infectious! "Bike! Bike! Bike!" is your favourite phrase. We love your enthusiasm and embrace your spirit of discovery & adventure.
You are such a happy boy who enjoys your own company most of the time, observes your sister's antics and mimics them when it puts you in an advantageous position and LOVES to have a good laugh. You love making us happy and will continuously repeat the same actions and phrases just to see us roar with laughter (again and again and again).
In 7 days time, you will be 28 months. During this time and so many previous occasions, we as your parents have learnt that you DO love a challenge. You will approach it with caution initially and with our patient consistency & encouragement from us, you will embrace the challenge and in fact, master it.
Mastery is what you excel at. Really.
It's your way of saying - "I can do anything and it has to be done in my own time. Give me the opportunities and the space to learn." This will be the way we will approach life and all its possibilities with you. Be it academia, life skills, adventures, etc.  This is our solemn promise to you.
Thank you for entrusting us with your future. We will do our utmost in enabling you to lead a VERY FULL & RICH life.
Always your #1 fan,
Your Mummy xxx

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