Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Recipe: Teriyaki Salmon with Vegetables and Rice

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I REALLY wish I had a photograph of this meal to share with you and am unable to do so because my family was absolutely dying famished beyond reason. As such, I request that you put up with this image from a website. YES, they ate this meal all up - no leftovers whatsoever! Now, you've got to be happy with that. I know I was.
Ingredients (for 4)
300g piece of salmon, cut into tiny cubes (quicker to marinate and even quicker to cook)
5 tbsps. light soya sauce
5tbsps Chinese cooking wine
3tbsps raw sugar
Rice Bran Oil
4 generous handfuls of frozen peas and corn
Cooked rice
  1. Marinate the cubed salmon pieces with all the sauces. Set aside
  2. In a non stick fry pan over high heat, spray your pan with oil. Brown the salmon and leave the marinate in the bowl. This will only take 2 minutes. Add frozen peas and corn. Mix well. Add the rest of the marinate and simmer for 5 minutes with a lid over your pan to prevent the sauce from evaporating too quickly
  3. Serve immediately with rice
You may also wish to serve this meal with sides of miso soup and / or steamed edamame

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