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Fostering Independence in Play

Ever since they were mobile on all fours (more specifically on all eights in their case), they have determined their own choice of play. 
Independence is fostered by ensuring that they have access to their toys and books in two areas of our home - the Media Room and the Family Room. Their bedroom does not have toys and only selected books for our 20 minutes of reading before bedtime.
Pictured here are three toys they engage with once a week. I have no idea why once a week since they have access to them all week!
Charlotte has two. Her wooden tea sweet with its sweet treats and Mr {giant} Potato Head that comes with 2 large potatoes heads and 2 mini potato heads along with all the associated accessories.
Daniel loves his box of Duplo. Pictured here is a borrowed set from our neighbour. He loves upturning all the pieces, constructing a few things, placing the pieces back into the box one at a time and tipping them all out again.
They are able to play independently and with each other. Their location of play is always where I am. The Kitchen. Our Family and Kitchen is an all encompassing space so while I am prepping, cooking and cleaning, they are playing right there in the Family Room.
They are happy and I am happy.
If they see / think that I am doing something interesting on the kitchen island, they will ask to be "Up!" I love having my kids on the Kitchen Island (thank goodness we have a generously sized one) and they love watching me go about whatever I am doing. That's also the perfect opportunity to get them to try a few new foods!