Friday, August 23, 2013

I get to experience everything twice!

Having two children at the same time has its advantages and disadvantages. To be frank, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages especially now that they are toddlers.
This is my disclaimer: Some days and even moments in a day are easier than others. Still, I will not trade them for anything else in the whole wide world and that includes, not being able to use the toilet and have a shower on my own without an interested audience of two.
Having girl / boy twins has enabled me to appreciate their differences as well as similarities twice over especially when it comes to milestones.
For example, Charlotte's first steps. I will remember that moment for as long as I live. That overwhelming joy and pride as if my heart would burst at the seams at the very moment she took her first steps and that expression of accomplishment on her face when she realised that she has done it! I got to re-live that exact moment a second time with Daniel when he took his first steps two months later.
They share everything. Their sharing and giving in to each other has improved in the recent months. The teasing and taunting continues, the negotiations and pushing of the boundaries to be expected and the immense love & care they shower each other is very evident.
At the moment, they are going through an activity pack phase. Daniel with his Pixar Cars and Charlotte with her Dora the Explorer. They love drawing and colouring AND the stickers! Oh my...the stickers keeps them enthralled for minutes on end! I love that my children are creative, adaptable and are able to concentrate on a task on their own without any supervision. Yes, I get to experience all that twice and at the same time.
I am very bless and lucky indeed. Twins - twice the fun, twice the cuddles, twice the kisses, twice the love and twice the mess! I LOVE IT!

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