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My Kids' Favourite Snack {at the mo'}

This is not a paid advertorial and opinions expressed are my own.
To keep up with their rapid growth and energy levels, my kids are offered a small quantity of morning and afternoon teas daily which are washed down with water.
Their snacks can be fresh fruits, dried fruits, rice / brown rice crackers, cheese slices, muesli bars and the occasional biscuit. 
I don't give them all the above mentioned in the one sitting and the choices offered are dependent on many factors such as where the morning / afternoon tea is taking place (if we are out and about, it is easier to offer them crackers / dried fruits / muesli bar) and the appetite of the kids (if they have been fussy with their main meals, I offer no snacks so that they will eat more at their next meal and as such, hopefully with time they understand that snacks do not replace their main meals).
I chanced upon this new range of kids' muesli bars by Carman's and bought a box with a view to "expose" them to more healthy snack options (albeit not messy or sticky).

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I have to admit that the packaging appeals to me and the tag line of "Real food made by a real mum" got to me. It spoke right to my heart. SUCKER.
The Yummo's range is aimed at young children and comes in three different varieties. I chose "Strawberry, Apple & Yoghurt Wholegrain Bites" and it's a winner. My kids love it! These muesli bars are also smaller and thinner in size (when compared to other "regular" muesli bars) to suit little kids which I like very much.
The other aspects that appeal to me:
  • It is GM free
  • Lunchbox friendly (great when we are out and about)
  • Wholegrain goodness
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No trans fat
  • My kids eat it all up! No wastage!!!