Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parenting Quirks: Food matters

As you may be aware, I have a few parenting quirks. Let's just focus on food, for now. For starters, I certainly have no food quirks of my own. In fact, I live to eat and not eat to live.
The same mantra cannot be said about my children because as their mother, I have double standards and only want the best for them. In fact, my goal is to give them a lasting foundation of making the right choices. That is, eating whole foods most of the time and not so whole foods, some of the time.
Having said that, I also believe in offering foods with preservatives and colours (it's common place) to my children because I want to be present if / when they have an allergic reaction as oppose to being told by someone else when I am not with them. ALSO, I want them to enjoy a large variety of food and cuisine because their parents enjoy food very much. In fact, I look forward to taking them to a REALLY GOOD buffet when they turn into ravenous teenagers!
I introduced the kids to REAL ICE-CREAM for the first time on the weekend. Yes, I mean, right? Well, I shared the ice-cream with the both of them to ensure the amount of sugar consumed was equitable to their physique. Yes, even more mean NOT to give them their own cone of ice-cream each and yes, I am nutty like that.
What's the verdict? Daniel isn't sure about ice-cream and Charlotte LOVES ice-cream.
They also had thick cut fries with their lunch on the weekend. What's the verdict? Daniel loves them (he had 4 and stopped on his own accord) and Charlotte not so (she had 1).
What are the absolutely forbidden foods in our home? Flavoured milk and fruit juices. The children are only offered 2 beverages - cow's milk and water. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are only offered in the form of home-made ice blocks in our home which the kids have access to in Summer.
Now that I have shared my quirks with you. Please tell me yours!

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