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Significant Difference of 13 months

We are often told by others and have said it ourselves on a few occasions that the children are growing up very quickly. This collage of photos further supports this point.
The photos on the left were taken when the children were 15 months and those on the right were taken over the weekend (children will be 28 months in 3 days time). The place is the same: Mount-Coot-Tha.
Aside from the obvious physical growth of the children, here are a few other more significant developments:
  • Then: Sat in high chairs. Now: Sit on "normal" chairs
  • Then: Entertained by menu and car keys. Now: Activity packs
  • Then: Bring food / snacks from home to feed them. Now: Eat what we eat
  • Then: Barely walking. Now: Walking and running. Full mobility
  • Then: Barely speaking. Now: They can tell us what they want / see / feel / need

Some things never change:
  • They will always be my babies and will continue to address them as "my babies"
  • They will always know that I am their mummy and not their friend
  • They will always know that I will love and accept them for who they are
  • They will always know that I only ever want them to do their very best in all that they choose to undertake
  • They will always know that I am constant whether they need me or not
  • They will always be my greatest accomplishment in life