Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Career Daddy of Twins - keeps all the plates spinning!

There are many articles about motherhood more specifically about it being the hardest job she will ever love, feelings of guilt and inadequacies, sacrifices, the immense growth a woman undergoes when she becomes a mummy, the juggling act, etc.
What I don't come across as often is the role of the daddy. The unsung hero of the marriage, the +1 who help cares for the children, the juggling act, feelings of inadequacies, sacrifices, the immense growth when a man becomes a daddy.
Watching my husband take on his role as Daddy with such aplomb brings me immense joy and pride. Here is a man who had very little contact (if any) with children of any age until his own were born.
It is SO TRUE that having children can make / break a marriage because having your own is deeply and highly personal. (Think: Tiger Mum being very protective of her young. If anyone does anything 'wrong' against her children, she will bite back VERY HARD. Even husbands are not spared.)
My children's daddy is a highly accomplished specialist in the corporate sector, a highly competent daddy to twins and a deeply loyal, loving & supportive husband to me.
I am able to be a career mother of twins because of him.
His support to my return to work for sanity sake, his ability to care & nurture our twins very well and his willingness to juggle his career with all that is going on with our family makes it tick like clock work so to speak. {Pardon the punt for it is intentional}
Today, our twins turn 28 Months young!
To my darling husband and daddy to our children, thank you for keeping all the plates spinning!

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