Monday, August 12, 2013

The Gift of Quality Time

This was the gift we gave to each other on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Quality time. Without any distractions. Just us. For an entire 24 hours.
We left our napping children in the loving and capable hands of our nanny and checked into The Stamford Plaza in Brisbane City which overlooks the Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point and Brisbane River.
We went for a leisurely walk around the city ended up at Belgian Gardens CafĂ© and Restaurant where we enjoyed beers, yummy platters of food and enjoyed each other's company.
We saw many couples getting married on this day and wished those who were within ear shot "congratulations" - it sure brought back many memories for us and hope that those couples will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary like us in years to come.
In short, it was a most perfect weekend to remind us of how we started, where we are now and what we hope for ourselves in the future.

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