Sunday, August 11, 2013

To my Husband and the Father of our Children

Dearest Honey,

When we first met 13 years ago, I knew you were someone very special. Our conversations were effortless and long stretches of silence weren't awkward. We were and still are simply content in each other's company.
We had a long distance relationship for 12 months and that only served to cemented our fate further.
Throughout the pregnancy with our twins, you made arrangements with work so that you could be at every scan, medical appointment, class, etc. Nothing was ever too much trouble when it involves the kids and I.
When we were in hospital for 4 days, you changed all their nappies, became an expert baby swaddler and stayed the entire time with us as we grappled with the enormity of being parents.
When we came home from hospital, you stayed home with us for 6 whole weeks. In that time, you supported me through all the intensive feedings (every 3 hourly throughout 24 hours), burping the kids (sometimes it would take up to 45 minutes), swept & mopped our floors, did all the laundry, changed all the bed sheets regularly, sterilised all the bottles and non-electrical components of the double breast electric pump, prepared all my snacks and beverage at every single tandem breast feedings and electric pumping sessions, agreed with almost everything I said, stood firmly by my side in implementing a routine for our children and supported me in sleep training them at 10 weeks...the list goes on.
Seriously, we couldn't be better matched in every way. When I am stress, you are calm and when you are stress, I am calm. We have impeccable timing.
Thank you for being who you are (99.9% of the time) and for being part of our lives in such a HUGE way!

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