Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toilet Training Charlotte - The Beginning

We have an open door toilet policy at home. I am certain this is the case for most families with young children. If I shut the door, they will howl-cry-bang on the door as if they are being tortured so there you go. Yes, I have had both children sit on me while I am on the throne as well. Ok, too much information.
Fitting toilet with kid seat
Earlier this year, we fitted our second toilet with a kid friendly seat in preparation for what is to come. We decided against the potty because we didn't want to transition them from potty to toilet so there you go. Also, we want to replicate what is being done at childcare - regular toilets (albeit smaller) and no potties.
Initial sign of readiness - once a day toilet use
For the last few months, Charlotte has been requesting to sit on the toilet before bath time. She climbs onto a step, props her bottom on the toilet, tears a little sheet of paper and waits. She cleans, hops off, presses the flush bottom, steps off and onto another step at the sink, washes her hands, dries her hand on a hand towel and hops to the bathroom for her evening bath!

Recent signs of readiness
Last Thursday, Charlotte used the toilet at childcare 4 times with success and the same success was replicated on Friday. I reckon there are two folds to this readiness. One, she is ready (obviously) and two, she is modelling the behaviour of her girlfriends who are currently being toilet trained (peer 'pressure' is marvellous in this case aka mimicking).

Choice of undies
There are so many undies on the market for toddlers and I went for the cheapest bulk pack I could get my hands on (advice from her teacher) because if she soils her undies, we will just throw it away. I am not the kind of mother who will scrap poo that's why I am an advocate for disposable nappies (go ahead and judge me hahaha).

This is what I have been told to do at home by their teacher as this is also the method that will be replicated at childcare. Consistency is the key NOT confusion:
  1. Nappies are only to be used for nap and bedtime
    (I will still be using the nappy when we are out & about
    UNTIL she can prove herself reliable at home)
  2. Ask the toddler if she needs to use the toilet every 30 mins
  3. If accidents happen, do not berate her. Explain to her kindly & calmly that this is the outcome from not wanting to use the toilet, clean her and put on fresh knickers
Accidents will happen until she learns more about bladder control.

I am not expecting Charlotte to be fully toilet trained ASAP and am happy to let her do it at a pace that suits her. My role as I see it, is to replicate what is done at childcare and to be consistent. I suppose it's like feeding babies every 3 hours except I will be asking her that question every 30 minutes during her waking hours...I think I better set up an alarm on my iPhone that goes off every 30 minutes to remind me so that I am not watching the wall clock like a hawk!

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