Friday, August 30, 2013

Toilet Training Charlotte: CONFESSION TIME!

The first part of "Toilet Training Charlotte" can be read here.


Let me be honest. Toilet training my daughter has filled me with excitement, sense of deep pride that my baby is now a toddler and a whole lot of trepidation.
She does very well at childcare. The toilets are toddler sized and height friendly. Some of the girls in her class are toilet trained and others like her who are in the midst of being toilet trained hence the modelling of such behaviours are very positive for her. She may have 1 accident a day and that usually coincides with a queue at the toilet and / her being thoroughly engrossed in play and refusing to listen to the call of nature.
Doing it at home has been good but not as good as childcare because of ME.
I am the culprit
You see, she is in her undies when we get home from childcare. Diaper-less. I am watching the wall clock like a hawk because...I am asking directing THE QUESTION at her every 30 minutes, "Do you need to use the toilet?". If she says no, I watch the clock again and ask that question 15 minutes later. If she has been to the toilet, I ask the question, 60 minutes later. Yes, I am that precise and yes, I am watching the clock AND OUR FURNITURE like a hawk!

Having said that, I also need to acknowledge that Charlotte is an obedient toddler in this respect - she understands and complies with my instruction when I tell her that she needs to sit on her plastic Dora Chair as oppose to our King Furniture lounge when she hasn't been to the toilet.
We have a child friendly seat installed on the toilet and a step for Charlotte to step up to the toilet seat. However she still needs my assistance to turn her around so that she is facing in the right direction.
Not to mention, she has had a few accidents on the floor tiles (thank goodness, just wee wee) and one accident in her pants which I threw away along with her undies (not so good as it involved poo).
A solution to my woes came about when we went to K's home for a mid-morning play with her daughter who has taken toilet training like water off a duck's back. While we were at their home, Charlotte had to use the toilet and what I saw convinced me that I had to have one in my home too because it transforms the family toilet into a REAL toddler friendly one. It is especially important when toddlers are as independent as Charlotte and Claudia (who is 2 months older than my children).
Presenting the Bambino Toilet Trainer. Charlotte was so excited when I took the box off the shelf at the store because she kept pointing to the photo on the box (image is at the end of this post) and telling me that she wants to use the toilet. When we got home and out of the car, she volunteered to carry the box by its plastic handles from the garage into the home. Yes, she was THAT EXCITED.
Okay. This toilet trainer comes as a flat pack. Yes, flat pack. It is pretty easy to assemble, says me who assembles IKEA bookshelves with the husband.
There I was on the floor with the box opened, packets of plastic screws, removing the various plastic bags off the handles, legs, sides, etc. Looking at the photographs on the box, the one page instruction, Charlotte handling me random bits of plastic screws and Daniel sitting next to me constructing his own contraption. You get the picture. Everyone was involved and excited.
I think it took 15 minutes to put it together. Yes, it is that straight forward. I put the toilet trainer on the throne and before I could say "Do you need to use the toilet?", Charlotte had already taken off her undies and smiling at me.
She stepped up, turned herself around, did what she had to do, wiped herself, hopped off and hopped onto another step at the wash basin to wash her hands. ALL ON HER OWN. SUCCESS!

{Update: Before bath time, she went to her daddy and told him very discretely that she needed to do a poo...yup, success! In fact, she even beckoned me to look into the bowl at her 'creation'.}
Thank goodness, this is 2013 and there are a myriad of options for parents when it comes to toilet training.
Yes, my daughter looks as happy as this girl on the box when she is on the toilet.
Yes, the proof is in the pudding. {punt intended}
Yes, this is not a paid advertorial and I bought mine at Big W for AU$40.


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