Thursday, September 5, 2013

Attempts Chopsticks for the first time

The kids were served one of our favourite family meals for dinner the other evening.
Stir-fry Udon noodles with
honey soy chicken thigh fillets and vegetables.
As I was reaching into their shelf for toddler sized bowls and cutlery, I spied 6 pairs of kiddie chopsticks that they were gifted to them STARING at me.
Must be a sign.
I showed a pair to Charlotte and she squealed in excitement, with her hands outstretched and fingers wriggling wildly.
Must be a sign.
Daniel on the other hand, was too distracted by a contraption he was creating to tow Mater.
Fine. Only one child shall attempt the chopsticks. Better this way in case they decide to have a mock battle!
These photos speak for themselves. She loves the chopsticks, holds them kind of properly and figures it's still much easier using her fingers.
I don't blame her. I didn't learn to use the chopsticks properly till I was in primary school.
We will have more practice when the opportunity arises. In the meanwhile, fork, spoon and fingers will do just fine so long as they keep eating!!!

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