Friday, September 27, 2013

Charlotte the Nurse

That is Dora the Explorer on my arm, just in case you are wondering whereabouts on the skin this sticker is located. I certainly did not put her there and there is as you may have already gathered, a story behind this.
Allow me to put this story into context for you.
My left arm spots two injection scars. One was sustained as an infant as part of routine vaccinations and the scar in question is more an indent hence not as obvious. The other is more obvious as it is of a dark purplish colour and was the result of a BCG vaccine that was administered when I was 12 years of age.
A few months ago, Charlotte spotted those scars and had enquired how they came about so I put it into context for her in toddler appropriate terms.

(Pointing to the scars)
Mummy was given injections.
This, was when I was a baby and this, was when I was a little older.
Mummy is okay.
Thank you for asking.

(Furrows her brows)
Mummy, sore.
(Pats my arm)
Fast forward a few months, specifically  on a Thursday afternoon at home on the couch. Charlotte noticed the scars again, furrows her brows, pat the scars, looks me into the eyes and said, "Mummy, sore. This one was baby." I smiled and reassured her that "Mummy is no longer sore."
What she did next, touched me to the core.
She removed her favourite Dora the Explorer sticker from her kitchen bar stool, came straight back to me, with her furrowed eye brows and shaking her head, placed it on my arm, specifically where the scars are.
Awwww ... I love her to the moon and back + infinity.


Magdalene xxx

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