Monday, September 9, 2013

Children who are deprived of Dessert

It was their daddy's birthday and an ice-cream cake was purchased to celebrate this occasion.
Charlotte and Daniel have only tasted ice-cream 3 times in their lives. Yes, 3 times.
Yes, I am THAT mother who records trivia like that because I do not want my kids to be on a sugar high, ever.
Yes, I am THAT mother who offers Greek yoghurt as "ice-cream" to her kids.
Yes, I am THAT mother who does not offer her children freshly squeezed fruit juice or flavoured milk.
My children LOVED the very small slither of ice-cream cake offered to them before their bath time so we taught them to maximise this rare treat by... LICKING THEIR PLATES!!

Uh-Oh! :-)

Magdalene xxx

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