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Gifts from the Kids

Most kids love playing in the great outdoors and mine are no different. Thank goodness they do not turn lobster red in the sun like their daddy, willing to apply sun screen and wear their sun hats! *phew*
Perhaps it's the lack of walls that contributes to a pleasant experience for us, there is hardly any arguments between the siblings and that means, the parents (us) can go about our tasks or kick back (just a little) with our technology and a conversation plus a drink in our hands. *bliss in small doses very welcome*
More often than not, they will come to me bearing gifts from their "exploration" amongst nature. Photo on the left, Ixora from our front yard and photo on the right, stubborn and will not die weeds from our back yard.
Such simple gestures warms my heart and tells me that the kids think of me more than I think they do.
Mummyhood is splendid. It is the hardest job I will ever love.

Magdalene xxx