Friday, September 6, 2013

Healthy Choices at a Fast Food Joint?

I am not an advocate of deep fried / salty / sugary foods for my kids however, I do not deny them of such food groups either and they can have them 'sometimes'.
Wednesday is my special day with them and on this day, they are allowed one treat on the proviso that they behave.
As they had their treat earlier that morning of gingerbread man biscuit with 2 m&m for "buttons", no treats will be offered for the rest of the day. Therefore, you would be right to think that I must be MAD to take them to a fast food joint!
We went to the Golden Arches after our nap at home  (me included - I love that they still nap) and the kids were offered apple and water. They gobbled it all up and never once hankered after the other not so desirable options. *Phew*
After their snack, they went wild in the indoor air-conditioned playground for 30 minutes!
I love moments like this. The sheer joy on their faces and the unbridled enjoyment of childhood without any burden on their shoulders. May the innocence of childhood follow them fiercely for a few years yet.

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